Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011 - Recruiting Hotbed

Merry CHRISTmas from Team Burden
When I moved to the Charlotte area a few years ago I was blown away by the athleticism and size of players in high school basketball. I began coaching in a conference that produces multiple D1 signees each year. (This is so impressive because less than 1% of varsity high school boys players go on to D1 scholarships.) Coming from Indiana (long considered the basketball state) I could not help but notice the major differences in play but also the fact that people here were as crazy about hoops as we were in Indiana. Needless to say this area is a hotbed for recruiting from college coaches.
As a recruiter you want to spend your time in areas that have an abundance of talent. That may be certain cities (like LA that produces the most players that eventually make it to the NBA) or making sure you hit the AAU circuit in the NCAA open periods because you know the best talent will be assembled there.

A couple thousand years ago in a small town called Bethlehem there were fields that were set aside for sheep that would be used in the temple sacrifices in Jerusalem. These sheep had to be spotless, without blemish. Therefore they were heavily watched/guarded flocks. This was the “hotbed” for sacrifices.

One particular night the shepherds that were watching the sheep were approached by an angel of God and told of THE sacrificial Lamb of God that was born in their little town; (He would live a life without blemish; and eventually die on the “altar” for our sins.) What an awesome announcement that was made that glorious night!

Yet another incredible point is that the messenger of God that night not only told of a Savior for all people but also did some “recruiting” as he invited these lowly shepherds to personally meet the Savior; and then the multitude of heavenly hosts joined in with a promise to receive peace and good will from God.

Have you met the Savior this CHRISTmas? …If not I urge to put your faith in Him as your sacrificial Lamb. If you have I urge you to spend this week inviting others to meet this Savior that was born (and died) for them! Be like the shepherds and tell the glorious news that you have received.

Merry CHRISTmas to all! (Read Luke 2:8-20 this week)

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