Loose Ball Challenge

As a coach I try to instill and inspire a desire in players to be their best. As a team I hope we will show that desire in how we play the game. One of the great ways in which this is measured is through what is called the “hustle plays.” These are the 50/50 balls that are won by the player with the greatest heart and desire. The team that wins the most loose balls will be the aggressor and usually the winner.

Loose balls are not a part of the game plan or something that is diagrammed in a huddle. They are the unexpected opportunities that spring up in the game.

While directing a support-based ministry I look for ways to instill and inspire in others a glimpse of the vision God has laid on our hearts. With that often come direct pleas for people to include us in their financial giving game plans. Yet not all are in a position to be able to do so. And the simple fact is that God does not lay on every person’s heart to give to our ministry. There are many areas our finances can go and we need to be sensitive to the Lord’s leading on that. This is an area I challenge you to be very direct in your “game plan” – these are the things that are diagrammed in the “huddles” of your prayer and planning - based upon expected income.

Yet I’d like to throw out another challenge to you - a challenge for those “loose balls” – the unexpected opportunities to give. Our family has started a mission jug with loose change. If it is found in the cushions it goes in the jug. If I have some in my pocket after picking up some food, it goes in the jug. You get the picture. And it is amazing how quickly this adds up.

Specifically this is the challenge: Designate a ministry to receive your loose change – the unexpected “loose balls.” (And I would appreciate you praying about InBounds as a possible recipient.)

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