Monday, November 12, 2018

November 12, 2018 - Who Are You Running With?

Recently I have had many conversations about who my favorite teams are… to which I always respond that I have none… I don’t have any team that I am fanatical over… I am a player-fan! I love to keep up with certain players no matter what team they happen to be on.

In the basketball world there always seems to be disparaging talk when players choose to go to a different team; yes, sometimes in professional sports this is because of a bigger paycheck somewhere, but often it is players admitting that they simply want a better chance of winning. (This doesn’t just take place at the pro level, as it obviously takes place at the collegiate level, the travel team level, and even the high school level… all with players looking for the best situation to insure success.)

This week the discussion is centered around the mega-move of Jimmy Butler being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Butler has been very disgruntled where he was at in Minnesota and has openly stated he just wants to win… And now the talking heads are debating if this makes the 76ers a title contender… if he will mesh well with their team.

But I am simply bringing it up because all that is happening is that Butler had expressed a desire, and was granted the opportunity, to run with a different set of teammates…

I’m not writing for us to debate how he went about it; but instead to state that I understand wanting to run with different guys… and think we all need to consider our teammates.

I was looking at Proverbs 12:26 on… when I clicked on parallel versions, I found quite a difference in the translation of the verse… so I went to and checked the interlinear version…

And then I settled on what I believe the verse is actually saying… and it states that we need to choose our running mates wisely.

This is the verse from the Youngs Literal Translation: 26 The righteous searcheth his companion, And the way of the wicked causeth them to err.

NKJV: 26 The righteous should choose his friends carefully,
For the way of the wicked leads them astray.

Find teammates to run with that will help you succeed!!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

November 5, 2018 - The Other Team

Last week I shared about how others view us, as Christians… with a reminder that when they look at our “box score” it should read about the positive things we have done in the game… Over and over the phrase that “Christians are known more for what they are against than what they are for…” So last week’s challenge was simply a reminder for each of us to focus on being difference makers…

This week, as promised, I am going to challenge us about how we view / deal with the “other team.”

I have never gone into the other team’s huddle to get on them about their mistakes they were making, nor have I tried to coach the other team on what they should be doing on the court… and I NEVER have I had expectations of the other team knowing and running our plays.

I am troubled with how often believers are angry that the unsaved, spiritually-dead, blind, and chained unbelievers are living sinfully… I personally am not offended or angry when a “blind man can’t see something!”

When discussing how we view the “other team,” I simply want to ask this week:

Are you more angry at their sin than you are broken over their lostness?

Oh that I/you be accused, like Jesus was in Luke 15:2… “He takes in sinners and eats meals with them, treating them like old friends.” (The Message)

WE HAVE GOOD NEWS TO SHARE!!! That is hard to do with a scowl on your face…