Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017 - Don't Be Tardy On The Pass!

This week's devo won't take long... I have been incredibly busy as of late but did get an opportunity between speaking engagements this weekend to watch a little bit of college hoops. I was enjoying it for the most part but must admit that I did get a bit frustrated at times...

My frustrations came during one of the D1 college games I was watching... as one of the teams was showing a lot of movement; guys were making hard cuts to the basket leading to some good open looks. But as personnel changed on the court some things broke down. Some of the guys that were suiting up for a high level D1 program simply weren't in the flow of the game...

Players were still making some hard cuts to the basket but all of the sudden the passes weren't there to lead to easy scores. The problem was that the guards that were handling the ball were simply tardy... they were late in their decision making. You could see that they saw their teammates cutting but simply lacked the rhythm of the game... they were willing but lacked the initiative to act as they saw the play developing.

During this CHRISTmas season, I believe we have a lot of folks that are out of rhythm... they will see needs and contemplate meeting them, only to miss the opportunity by waiting until it's too late. There will be many opportunities as we wind down this year and beyond. Will you be tardy and miss the chance to get an "assist"? Or will you follow the commands of Scripture and "make the pass" when you see the need?

Proverbs 21:26 ...But the righteous gives and does not spare.

Merry CHRISTmas! Take the initiative to be a giver this year... as you see the play developing.

Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4, 2017 - Win the Moment; Win the Decision!

Who is the most valuable player on a team? Is it the leader in scoring? Rebounding? Steals? Assists? Or what about the player that sets the most screens? Dives for the most loose balls?

Today in practice for my middle school girls team we were playing a good old-fashioned game of “Backyard 21”; a game where tall players have an advantage… a game where fast players can find some openings… a game where intensity is a must. I got into the game in order to show ways to create space to get through traps… or to carve out some room to get off one’s shot… etc.

One of our youngest girls, (that also happens to be one of our shortest players… that also is not near being our fastest player), decided she was going to show me that even though she was lacking some of the attributes to win the game of “21” she was not lacking intensity!

That girl started learning to really box out for rebounds. Remember I said I had got into the game, and she decided it was me that she would keep off the boards… and that she did. No, she didn’t get rebounds, but neither did I.

I loved being able to point out that it was not about her filling up the stat sheet with rebounds, but instead the fact that as an opponent I didn’t, and in a game setting her teammates would have a better shot at getting the boards.

The lesson for today is that being the most valuable is based upon the moment and the job at hand! It is about doing the right thing because it is the right thing! It is not about spotlights or awards or even being noticed. (And not doing the right thing when we know it is right is sin! James 4:17)

Bill Hybels wrote in his book Who You Are When No One Is Looking: We all do our best when others are watching. But what about when no one is looking? That's where character comes in, giving us consistency when it's just between God and us. Courage, discipline, vision, endurance, compassion, self-sacrifice, the qualities covered in this Bible study guide provide a foundation for character. With this foundation and God's guidance, we can maintain character even when we face temptations and troubles.

Today: Win each moment by winning each decision… decide to do right! Box out, even if you are not the one that will get the rebound!