Thursday, December 6, 2007

December Newsletter

Greetings Team

I hope the CHRISTmas season reminds you of God's goodness and His love that was evidenced in sending His Son into the game of life as our Substitute! I am reminded of the angels message to the shepherds in Luke 2. They were told to not be afraid because they were to hear a message of "good news" with "great joy." It is truly the most wonderful message there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so honored to be used by the Lord to share this glorious message and the opportunities for 2008 are great. We long to have an even greater presence in our local community, continue to reach out across the USA and abroad. The opportunities are there but we need your help.
Would you make a P.A.S.S. to us?
P= pray for us and partner with us
A= advise us - we are always open to wise counsel
S= share about us with those in your circle of influnce - we need more bookings for camps, speaking engagements, etc
S= support - we need financial help for the ministry to keep moving forward - we keep things at bare minimum costs but still they cost
We are excited about upcoming outreach. We just received a request for 100 devotional books for an organization. I am planning to be in Costa Rica in April to conduct some clinics. Plus we have requests to be in Malaysia with a team and the Czech Republic folks are asking for us to return. On the local front we want to launch as many Blacktop Bible Clubs as we can this coming year and also conduct multiple camps. Much to do - HELP!
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Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!
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