Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010 - Determination

One of my favorite things to see when watching the Olympics is the sheer determination on the athletes’ faces. They have given themselves totally to a task and it doesn’t matter what position they are in they are still committed to finishing that task.

One of the areas the areas this was most evident to me was in the cross-country skiing events. How amazing to see these athletes collapse at the finish line due to complete effort. Often it was athletes that knew they were not going to medal. Sometimes they were in 20th or 30th place. They are true pictures of dedication.

For years these Olympic athletes have committed themselves to the sport and to trainers they trusted. Someone has been there teaching them and guiding them. At times I am sure they wanted to quit but instead persevered.

These are great examples for us in the Christian life. It will be hard at times. We will face adversity at times. We need to be committed; to persevere.

2 Timothy 3 gives us a great picture of this. I love verse 17 where it says the goal is “that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Yet how does this take place.

In the immediate context it gives the ultimate answer – through the work of the Word of God. (See vs 16)

But if we look just a little before this Paul gives us a game plan to implement. In verse 10-16 he tells us many things that are needed for success. He offers himself as a “trainer.” He tells us to follow his example. He mentions:
· doctrine
· manner of life
· purpose
· faith
· longsuffering
· love
· perseverance
· persecutions
· afflictions

How determined are you in your spiritual walk? Learn from Paul as a “trainer.” Find a “trainer” you trust at your church that will help mentor you in life. Be a super spiritual athlete!

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