Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010 - When In Doubt, Fill Out

When I am coaching players I give them a basic rule of thumb for those times they are simply at a loss on the court: “when in doubt, fill out.” Basically this means if you are not sure what you ought to be doing or where you ought to be going then don’t go clogging up the middle and messing everything up.

This is rule is predicated by teaching them how to balance the floor – or in other words what positions they should “fill out” to. This way the team can maintain balance and the player can get his bearings.

In life we often go through times that we simply don’t know what to do next. Maybe there are “open doors” you have to choose between; maybe there is an “open door” yet no peace in going through; maybe you simply don’t see an “open door.”

Last week we talked about leadership needing to seek wise counsel. Decisions you need to make in life are a result of you being the “leader” of your life and if you want to honor God you need to follow His directions – seek counsel.

The first place that counsel is found is in His Word and in prayer. Any decisions you have to make should line up with Scripture. Secondly you need to talk with godly advisors! (Note that I said godly advisors. Just because someone is your friend, doesn’t make him a source of wisdom.)

The simple principle is that before we dive into doing something we need to seek God’s guidance – get our bearings.

Proverbs gives us this simple principle for the simple-minded: Chapter 9: 4 “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!”

This is the cry from “Wisdom” that is made to us. I think we should study the Proverbs and see exactly where she can be found!

Maybe it is time to get out of the “clogged up middle” of our lives and “fill out” to God’s Word and His people to find clarity and direction.

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