Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010 - Are you ready Keep?

I am so proud of my boy Daniel DeGraff! He is a young man that played basketball for me a few years ago, but his main sport is soccer. He is now a freshman at High Point Univ. and a keeper (goalie) on their soccer team.

I am proud of him for a couple of reasons; first and foremost because of his character. Last year as a senior at Statesville Christian School I watched Daniel not only excel in sports and academics but also in mentoring younger guys in our school (including my son who was a freshman.)

Secondly I am proud of his athletic accomplishments. Being a goalie at a division 1 institution is a huge task – especially as just a 6’ tall guy. The thing that is so impressive is that as a freshman he has dressed as the number 2 keeper – which has been a result of an incredible amount of hard work and dedication.

There are other guys vying for that position – one of which Daniel has admitted is neck and neck with him on ability and athleticism. Yet Daniel’s response when asked about this young man is, “He makes me better. He pushes me.” In other words “iron is sharpening iron.” (See Proverbs 27:17 for this truth)

I think about the beginning of soccer games when the ref yells out, “Are you ready Keep?” I know Daniel is ready because of effort, dedication, and a like-minded training partner that pushes him to excellence.

How about you? Are you surrounded by others that spur you on to excellence in life? I am talking about in pursuing your dreams and most importantly in pursuing the Lord.

We all need those like-minded training partners to sharpen us!

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