Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010 - The X Factor

Often times when listening to commentators discuss an upcoming game they will discuss each teams strengths and weaknesses, compare the star players against each other, and then discuss who will be the “X-factor.”

The “X-factor” refers to that unknown person that will step up to make a difference. It can refer to that unknown element of the person’s game that rises to the occasion. What the commentators are saying is that we need to watch the game to determine who this will be. (Or in math terms we have to go through the problem to solve for the unknown variable – X.)

This week I want to quickly remind you about some things we see in the game of life. As we look back over history we see that one man split time in half (BC and AD.) This one man is who H.G. Wells called “easily the most dominant figure in all history.” We see that this one man fulfilled prophecies of the “Messiah” – the one that would be the “Savior” in this game of life. We see that this man is JESUS, Immanuel – God with us!

This week why don’t we try to honor Him by doing a couple of things. Let’s live our lives with the joy and peace God intended – the joy and peace that was promised would come through the Christ-child. (Luke 2)

If someone says, “Happy Holidays” to you then smile and thank them for the nice greeting. Then explain that your holidays are not only happy but also joyous and peaceful. (Instead of complaining that it is our right to hear the words Merry Christmas! How about actually following the example of Christ and laying down our rights. It is our job to take Christ to the world, not to demand they bring Him to us!)

When we see the “X-mas” signs remember a couple of things. First the “X” represented Christ in the shorthand of Greek and was originally used very respectfully. Second, even if the world is trying to remove Christ from Christmas, why would we expect anything different?

This Christmas I am diagramming a play for you. As you go out on the “floor” of life look for opportunities to “solve for X.” Look for opportunities to share with folks that you know who the “X-factor” is in the game of life. Just as Paul took the opportunity to explain the “X-factor” to the men of Athens in Acts 17 when he introduced them to the unknown variable, the unknown God!

Merry X-mas! Now go solve for “X”!

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