Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 - Straight Line Cuts

This past weekend we hosted basketball clinician Jason Otter. We have hosted him many times before, yet it never gets old seeing his incredible work ethic and drive to be his best. It never gets old hearing him teach the importance of efficiency of movement.

In the past we have keyed on some of that teaching as we looked in depth at Hebrews 12:1’s call to “lay aside every weight.” In other words eliminate things that slow you down. As an athlete Jason teaches to eliminate “false steps”, (the little step players take backwards to get momentum going forward.) These steps are not illegal, they simply take more time than having the first step be in a forward direction… In your life are there things that are slowing you down? Note that I am not asking about the sin in your life that is “illegal.” I am simply saying we could all afford to take inventory and see what things are keeping us from being all God intended for us to be.

This week I want to quickly key on the next component Jason hits hard – making straight line moves. In other words, get to you destination as quickly as possible. (And the quickest distance between two points is a straight line.)

We won’t go into all of the basketball usage of this teaching but instead get “straight” to the spiritual application. Many of us spend too much time going the long way to our destination. We get easily distracted. Often it is because even though we know the Lord wants us to do something, we also know the potential dangers and disappointments. Therefore, we don’t want to be disobedient but are willing to be slow in getting there…

When Ananias was told by the Lord to go and visit Saul of Tarsus it scared him. Saul’s reputation was one of persecuting the Saints. Yet God consoles Ananias and reminds Ananias that He (God) is in control… Once Ananias had that assurance he immediately went and did what the Lord said to do.

How many of us when faced with uncomfortable circumstances would go to do what the Lord said, but not be in a rush to get there. We tend to meander around the “streets” on the way to those situations.

How do I know that Ananias immediately went to visit Saul? It is because I know what route he took to get there. He made a “straight line cut” on the “street called Straight.” (Acts 9:11) [This street ran straight through Damascus from one end to the other.]

What has God called you to do? Where is He leading you? I can promise you He is in control. And I urge you to stop meandering and get there! We need Straight-line Obedience – not Meandering-delayed Obedience!


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