Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yes I am a MADman... join me on my journey!

Every year at this time I start trying to figure out how to propel InBounds Ministries forward by issuing March MADness challenges via our newsletter list and social networking… And each year the hope is that we won’t have to focus on fundraising throughout the year.

The definition of “madness” involves the idea of extremes in excitement or in foolishness. I think often our board and staff would think me a little of both when I present things to them. This year I am sure will be no different… (And remember our definition of being “MAD” means we are intentionally striving to Make A Difference through the proclamation of Christ as our Substitute and God’s Word as our Playbook for life!)

First let me start by stating clearly that no matter how much money we raise in our efforts, it still has to filter into the board-established budget of InBounds. If we run at a surplus it would be credited toward either what the donor earmarks it for or to the following year’s budgeting process…

As the staff of InBounds we make no apologies about being MAD! We are beyond excited at the prospect of Making A Difference in our world! The staff in NC is continuing to make a huge impact in their communities and here in Alabama things are starting to really heat up with multiple local outreaches underway. On the national level the travel has been heavy and the results have been amazing! We are seeing guys and gals added to God’s team at every event! We are seeing teammates encouraged in their faith and in their MAD pursuits. And the rest of 2015 is truly set up to be a MAD year!

Still to come this year is the continuing local outreach in NC and in AL (with added local venues popping up regularly); multiple trips stateside (IN, IL, NC, CO, FL, GA); and outreach overseas… with a very special trip for us in Pedernales Dominican Republic this July! (Will be sharing more news about this trip very soon…) We are also adding a new division of the ministry called InBoundsOut (an outdoors retreat ministry.) Along with this is a concerted effort to increase our ministry in media with updates of our web presence, more tracts being printed, and at least 1 more devotional book going to print this year…

We have multiple needs in order to accomplish our goals… and needs come with price tags. So I am going to make a MAD Plea to you to help in our efforts! Will you consider Making A Difference by:

·         Praying regularly for our efforts? (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

·         Loaning some money to God? How much do you trust Him to repay you? I am hoping for some MAD gifts! (Proverbs 19:17)

InBounds MAD List:

·         A few years ago we had some donors Go MAD by providing enough money to give full ride scholarships to 15 players on a ROCK’em Road Trip… now we need sponsors for players / coaches on our upcoming Dominican Republic trip; my desire is to be in a position to provide scholarships for airfare for each one that goes on this trip - we will be flying with MFI into Barahona - Amount: $500 per participant / $7500 total

·         Printing needs for tracts, banners, devotional books, and products - Amount: $2500

·         Equipment for a new outreach we are adding in the great outdoors – tents, camping gear, Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks – Amount: $2500

·         Total Player Academy equipment needed for a new training facility on our local AL front – Basketball goals, mats/runners – Amount: $7,500

·          8 years ago an InBounds donor went MAD and gave $16,000 to the ministry for a team van… now around 250,000 miles later on that van, we are seeking a second ministry vehicle that is more fuel-efficient and practical when not carrying a team… - Amount: $20,000

Yes, I am admittedly going MAD! I am excited about what the Lord has in front of us! I pray (like Jabez did) that God will “enlarge my territory”!

How about you? Are you willing to live life to the extreme and Go MAD with InBounds Ministries? Help us celebrate March MADness! Help us proclaim God’s goodness to a world in need!

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