Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - Daily effort adds up to great achievement!

I have written in the past about my friend Brian Creel. He is one of the world’s strongest men (proven by his results in the World’s Strongest Man competitions.) He is truly a massive dude that at one point was even named the country’s strongest collegiate football player. He shared that he has never cut out a workout… He is an impressive dude!
I have also written in the past about my spiritual hero, Dr Mark Cambron. Just walking in a room with that guy made one aware of closely this man walked with God. He once answered a college student that he had read through the Scriptures 400-500 times… He was an impressive dude!
Both of these guys had supreme work ethics. They didn’t allow circumstances to keep them from doing what they had committed to do. Both obviously turned bad days into productive days. Neither one seemed to be guys that were seeking glory or fame, they just stayed the course…  
That is what great athletes do… that is what those that walk close with the Lord do… they take care of their part and trust the results will follow.
Proverbs 21:31 tells us to “prepare the horse for battle.” In other words we have a responsibility to put in some work. But then it tells us to trust that the “victory belongs to the Lord.”
I’ll be honest; this topic is on my mind again because I simply want to hit the bed… I have already worked for 13 hours today and on top of that I am sick (and the Dayquil is wearing off. Thank God it is almost time for the NyQuil!) Yet I have responsibilities that need to be taken care of in spite of the circumstances. And then, yes, I will get some rest…
Greatness is attained through a daily commitment to be the best one can be that day…
Daily effort adds up to great achievement!

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