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February 22, 2015 - Spiritual Vision 20/16 (Devotion and Opportunity)

What is your vision? Is it 20/20? Or maybe it is 20/40… 20/100… 20/200…? Do you know what those numbers mean? In its simplest form 20/20 means you can see at 20 feet what someone with normal (perfect) vision would see at 20 feet… and thus if your vision is 20/40 you see at 20 feet what normal vision sees at 40 feet… and so on. And the adverse is true that a person with 20/15 vision can see as good at 20 feet as normal vision sees at 15 feet… thus better than normal.

For me I often talk about “court vision” and how good players can see what everyone around them is doing; and how great players can even see how things will unfold in the future…. and put their teammates in position for success. (Those are players you can trust and want to be on your team!) And this carries over to life… are you able to assess situations… see outcomes… put those around you in position for success? In essence a “great player” sees the game better than the normal player does.

What about “spiritual vision”? Are you aware of what is going around you? Do you see the things God wants you to see? Are you able to see God’s plan unfolding for the future? Do you have “teammates” that have great “spiritual vision” and do you trust them? Do you and/or your teammates see better than the normal person… beyond what is right in front of you?

In 1st Chronicles 28 King David has great vision for the temple God wants built (and even the direction of who should build it – his son Solomon.) As he explains this to Solomon he tells Solomon to “be strong and of good courage, and do it!” (Vs 20)

I saw a post on Facebook today that said, “God never gives you a dream that matches your budget. He’s not checking your bank account, He’s checking your faith!”

As always, I must admit that I have no right to tell people where to give... that is the Holy Spirit’s job! Yet as a teacher of the Word I do have a right to tell you “you should be a giver… somewhere”! I’ve shared a vision for InBounds but the devotion is intended to get you to get a vision for 2016 to Go MAD! (Make A Difference!)

End of Devotion and Beginning of Opportunity....................................

Now let me shift gears to a specific opportunity you have with InBounds Ministries… Many of you regularly read our internet devotionals or sit under our teaching in some way. Many talk about how much they appreciate what InBounds Ministries is doing for the cause of the Gospel. Many of you say you believe in our ministry. My question is, “do you trust my ‘spiritual vision’”? Are you willing to “team up” with InBounds in a step of faith? Are you willing to sacrifice for the good of the “game”?

I have a clear picture of the next step InBounds Ministries needs to take in our outreach. It will increase our local emphasis and in turn also provide more revenue-producing opportunities to help cover our budget. Yet it involves the need for finances up front in order to not have to pull from the general fund.

We are looking at local facilities for lease in order to establish a more “permanent” location for our ministry outreach, that will include space to provide our Total Player Academy athletic training as well… (which by the way includes intense one-on-one discipleship!)

I am looking for people with 20/16 Spiritual Vision! Vision beyond the normal immediate needs to the incredible possibilities of a dream…

Here in 2016 we have the opportunity to be more aggressive in Making A Difference! 20/16 Spiritual Vision is the call for 20 people to commit $100 per month for the rest of 2016. There are 10 months left in the year so that is a $1000 sacrifice. I am asking for this as earmarked funds for the facility; separate from giving to the general fund that goes toward specific outreach. That would allow us to fully operate a brand new facility that will greatly increase our outreach without sacrificing other ministry endeavors!

I have asked our board to pray about making this sacrifice and that includes me and Lisa. We are committed to be 2 of the 20! On top of that, all training I offer through 2016 will be with 100% of the revenue it produces going back into the facility! (No trainer’s cut…)
So again I ask, “Do you trust my 20/16 Spiritual Vision?” Will you join in on that vision and sacrifice for 10 months? Will you see beyond what we are doing to what the Lord is leading us to do?

(Side note: I have already had a commitment from someone I have never met to donate a couple of basketball goals for the facility. The landlord of the facility has expressed the desire to work with us. There is already a list started of families wanting to have their kids trained at the facility. There is already a group of believers meeting every Sunday night that will meet there… and I believe increase in numbers. And I could go on and on..)

Bottom line is that I am ready to “be strong and of good courage”; I’m ready to just “do it!”

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