Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 27, 2016 - Highly Sought After Free Agent

Well now that the NBA season is over the focus has become the free agent market. IN just a few days teams will be able to pursue the players who are no longer bound by a contract… and of course that means the better players are being talked about… a lot!

Guys like Kevin Durant are going to be wooed by many teams and players to convince them why they should sign with their team. One article I saw today was talking about “potential steals” of the market… detailing free agents that were underrated.
This is the way the world works… we look for the best person to meet a need or fill a job; we recognize and reward high achievers. (Even in the youth ranks where they pretend to avoid this by not keeping score or giving everyone a trophy, I guarantee you people know who wins games and who the best players are!) We live in a performance-based world…

And that carries over to the thing called religion where people try to be good enough; yet Christianity is the exact opposite of the world’s way. In the Scriptures we are given the grim news that no one is good enough… (Just read Romans 3.) Yet we are also told that “whosoever” can be “saved…” Notice that God didn’t just seek the qualified, He included “whoever.” (Romans 10:13)

Therefore our evangelistic outreach needs to stop “profiling” those we think would make good church people and instead faithfully share with “whosoever” will listen…

And then beyond someone getting on God’s team, God goes and breaks all the norms and then chooses to use people that are not “qualified.” Think about the guys throughout Scripture that He called out to use… not typically the world’s idea of the “cream of the crop.” Jesus chose a bunch of guys for His inner circle that were not great “free agents” and yet that group of guys turned the world upside down..

I love the phrase that “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

If you are on God’s team, it is because of your faith that Christ was good enough in the perfect life He lived to be the perfect Substitute (Sacrifice) for you… not because you were qualified.

If you are on God’s team He longs (and has planned) to use you, not because you are qualified but because He qualifies you. It is time to let Him use you…

You were set free by Christ to be an agent (Ambassador) for Him; you are a Highly sought after Free Agent!

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