Monday, March 12, 2018

March 12, 2018 - STRIKE or BE STRUCK!

Last week I shared about the need to “play with a clear head.” I stated that “a player that is ‘hurried’ will make bad passes, take bad shots, and commit silly fouls…” In the practical portion of the devotion I shared some things that Louie Giglio shared about facing worry and fear… that we should replace them with worship and faith…

This week I want to share a very simple challenge with you… one that encourages you to focus in on worship!

In my sharing at the school I have recently written about some days on the soccer field in high school. We had a couple goalies that could really boot the ball. As a freshman I remember going out for practice and deciding to try to head the punts… and our keeper (Jeff Darnell) would kick it really high and really long; meaning the ball would come in with a lot of velocity… and could tend to hurt really bad! (Wondering how many times I should have gone into concussion protocol?)

Seriously, what I had to learn to do (and learn quickly) was to attack the ball; in other words, I had to generate some velocity on my end to impact the ball… not be impacted by the ball! I loved the feeling of striking the ball and sending it back to Jeff with force!

Life will come at us with a lot of velocity… you have to determine if you will be impacted by it or if you will create the impact… the impact of intentional worship or praise! STRIKE or BE STRUCK!

Set yourself up this week for listening to more praise music… sharing more praises… focusing on the goodness of God throughout your days… reading more Psalms… etc. In just a couple of weeks at the school I will be hosting a “worship week” at the school… let it start with us here… (READ PSALM 150)

…it can be our very own form of March MADness!

Side note: periodically I would misjudge my headers… taking my eye off the ball… on those punts that Jeff sent downfield… resulting in mishitting the ball… which could result in some pain when heading off the bridge of the nose. To remedy that I would put my hands up in the air to guide the ball in. Not sure if you are a “hand-raiser” in worship but there is some value in pointing your focus upward! Here’s a fun link for you to take a look at:

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