Friday, December 5, 2008

InBounds Illustrated December 2008

Hello Sports Fans and Merry CHRISTmas!

Remember we are celebrating the fact that God put on a human uniform and entered the game of life as our Substitute. It is time to cheer about the fact that He has entered in to save the “game”! I am so thankful I have the opportunity to be a “commentator” and share this great news.

With that said I want to fill you all in on how the year has gone and also how excited we are for 2009.

On the home front our kids are growing rapidly and for the most part healthy, (aside from the occasional stitches and broken bones.) Clay is now a teenager and the others all think they are. Lisa and I are doing well and celebrated 15 yrs of marriage this past October. Time flies when you’re having fun!

This past year I was able to visit Costa Rica on a trip with seniors from Statesville Christian School, take a ROCK’em Road Trip through the Midwest with high school basketball players, and conduct numerous clinics. There have also been the speaking engagements, singing engagements, etc. (In the month of October alone I had over 15 speaking gigs.) Along with this I was able to continue with our weekly internet devotions. (The end of 2008 will mark 7 years of weekly devotions going out!) Plus we were able to give out hundreds of our devotional booklet “Fundamentals of the Game: Biblical Truths for Rookie and Veteran Believers.”

It has been a very solid year for ministry and we are looking at an even busier 2009. Already on the slate are trips to Alaska, the Dominican Republic, and the Czech Republic. We also are scheduled for 4 ROCK’em Road Trips, multiple Blacktop Bible Clubs, clinics, camps, etc. What a great opportunity we have to fulfill our mission of proclaiming the Gospel to the lost and equipping the found! Praise the Lord!

In 2008 we were able to fully cover the budget. For 2009 the needs have risen some, at the same time that giving on the whole has taken a downturn with the economy. I do not want to focus on that in this newsletter but, as a coach, do ask you to pray about helping in any way you can. When times are tough it is even more imperative that we prioritize our giving.

Please join with us in celebrating the birth of our Savior, our Substitute, this CHRISTmas season! And please pray about how you can help us proclaim this message throughout 2009.

Give ‘em the ROCK!
Team Burden

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