Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dominican Republic Trip

I returned this weekend from a trip to the DR. We had a great opportunity to share in many ways. This trip was the senior trip for students from Statesville Christian School working with SCORE International.

We spent the first day passing out Gospel tracts in Santo Domingo. What an awesome thing to see as hundreds of people accepted the tracts (and every person I witnessed taking a tract began reading it immediately.)

Days 2 and 3 involved conducting medical clinics in villages.

Day 2 included the bus getting stuck going up a muddy hill - (and us having to unload the trailer, unhitch it, get the bus moving to flatter ground, and then tie a rope between the two and help push the trailer up the hill.) The village we finally arrived at was incredibly poor, yet very happy to not only get medical treatment but also play ball with the students, enjoy the puppets, clowns and balloons, get faces painted, etc. I was given the opportunity to share the Gospel (with the help of a translator.) In the midst of this poor community I heard numerous "amens" and saw many smiles. Afterwards the pastor's wife told us that the village in the garbage dump was better off than this village because they had more food and clothing that they could find in the trash.

Day 3 was a repeat from day 2 (aside from the stuck bus.) The village had some nicer homes than the first but obviously the same needs. The staff treated 104 people that day (including a little baby with AIDS that will die very soon apart from a miracle. She was 11 months old and weighed less than 5 lbs.) Shadrach (a Dominican SCORE missionary) shared the Gospel this day.

Day 4 was a break from the work at hand for a trip to Catalina Island for some snorkeling, swimming, sand volleyball, etc. It is a beautiful place and gave some much needed rest and relaxation.

Day 5 was our scheduled final day in the Dominican. Yet it was full of excitement. In the morning we visited a special needs orphanage and were able to love on 21 beautiful kids. The seniors fed them, played with them, and gave them the gift of touch. there were many hugs, laughter, and tears.

This was followed by our arrival at the airport to the news that our flight was canceled. 31 people in a ticket line not knowing what is going on can cause quite a log jam. When the dust had finally settled there were 4 of us that went on to Miami Friday night and the other 27 spent another night in the DR. (I was greeted on Saturday morning by a ticket agent that did not understand what had happened and made it very interesting to get my connecting flight back to NC.)

Now we are all home and can look back at an awesome trip. You can find photos of the trip at our MySpace address or at my Facebook page or at the InBounds Ministries group Facebook page. Take a look and enjoy. While you are at it pray for the hundreds who received the Gospel message and for the physical needs of these deeply impoverished people.

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