Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer '09 Newsletter

Hello Team,

It is great to get to fill you in on all the Lord is doing through InBounds Ministries. We are now fully engrossed in our summer schedule and have much to do. Please read through the synopsis of the amazing journey we are on…

As the school year ended I had just returned from a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic. While there we ministered in some of the poorest areas I have ever seen. Yet the joy of the Dominican believers simply blows me away. They are proof that the joy of the Lord is not based upon circumstances. I am so grateful that they ministered to me. On the trip our team provided medical care, games for kids, hugs and kisses, and of course proclamations of the glorious Gospel.

To begin the summer I headed down to Florida with the family. Lisa’s parents live there so it is a great place to visit with many opportunities for ministry. While there - I was able to preach a couple times and also able to make many fantastic contacts for future outreach. One of the speaking engagements was at Palm Beach Atlantic University for the boys’ basketball camp. We saw many teen-aged boys lift their fists to the sky signaling to God that they were accepting Christ as their Substitute! I also met with a GM of a Christian television station concerning an outreach called Men of Honor Men of Steel. It is geared toward 11-15 yr old boys – praying for them and working toward a national rally to be held the summer of 2010. The GM also asked me to prepare 60-second television spots to film geared toward these boys. They will air them across the Christian Television Network. (Please check out for more information about the specific outreach.)

Now I am home for a couple days and will share the Gospel twice today at events. Then on Saturday I am off to London for outreach in the Arab community. Please pray as we share New Testaments with these folks.

While I am there, Clay (my oldest son), will fly to Indianapolis to meet up with Coach Torzewski for the outreach at Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell. IL. They will be conducting clinics, running 3v3 tourneys, and running a product table with some great new InBounds Ministries products (i.e. shirts, wristbands, backpacks, etc.) Coach T will also be conducting Bible study with the team he has assembled for this trip. (Also this is Clay's first flight!)

Upon my return from London I will hold a week of clinics in NC and then off to the Midwest for 2 weeks of multiple clinics and speaking engagements. We will be in Evansville, IN and then in St Louis, MO.

Following that we have 2 short ROCK’em Road Trips on the schedule and then back to the school year with a busy fall on the agenda. Pray as we look at a return trip to the Czech Republic in November and also clinic opportunities in China in January of 2010.

We are excited about the many opportunities we have this summer to proclaim God’s grace! We are thankful God has called us to the sports mission field. We covet your prayers throughout these endeavors and also ask you to consider helping us financially. Summer is typically a difficult time for ministries on the financial side of things. And to be very straightforward we are nowhere near full monthly support. (Presently at around 50% of salary needs on monthly support – not to mention the overall operating budget needed for travel, etc.) Yet the Lord has continued to surprise us with blessings. We simply trust the Lord to provide through His people as we follow His lead.

One major blessing we recently received was an offer for me to teach part-time at Statesville Christian School. This will help out a bit on the financial side and also allow for us to send 2 of our boys back to school there. I will teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week – which will allow for long weekends for the travel portion of our ministry. And for blessing on top of blessing I will get to teach the Word to middle schoolers!

Thanks so much for being a part of our team! And please stay in touch throughout the summer with us.

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When will you be in Evansville?