Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009 - Insider Information

I recently watched an interview of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy. He is famous for admitting to using insider information to place bets on NBA games. Along with the betting scandal he shed light on many things that seem to manipulate the outcomes of games at that level.

Society finds it abhorrent that this guy used this insider info for his own selfish gain. (I find it strange that people even noticed considering how selfish we are as a nation. Yet this did tread on sacred sports ground.) I am not surprised by this at all – it is the nature of man to be tempted for personal gain.

Wrong? Yes!

Should he have been punished? Yes!

Surprised? No!

What I find abhorrent is that another group has “insider information” and fails to use it. That is we as Christians. We know the final outcome of the “game.” We know what it takes to be on the “winning team.” We have benefitted from someone taking time to share that “insider information” with us. And yet we far too often sit on this news.

As you hear the CHRISTmas story this year, be reminded that the angels gave “insider info” concerning the child:

It was information for all people. (Luke 2:10)

He was born to be a Savior! (Luke 2:11)

He was born to bring peace between God and man. (Luke 2:14)

And then we are told that the shepherds made it a point to share this “insider information” with others. (Luke 2:17)

Will you share with someone this CHRISTmas? Honestly I find it abhorrent that we don’t!

[Side note: please take time to read the next blog entry down concerning our Finish Strong Challenge.]

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