Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011 - TRUST

I often work with young men that have aspirations of playing division 1 college ball. Yet in basketball that means that they would have to be among the top 1% of varsity high school players that reach that level. Some of these young men get faced with a very difficult decision: go to a division 1 school, practice hard, and possibly never get playing time - or - go to a lower level school and get a lot of playing time.

There is not a right or wrong answer to this dilemma. These young men have all had a lot of playing time leading up to the collegiate level and there are pros and cons to whichever way they choose. Make no mistake, all players want to play!

For those that take the approach with no promise of playing time, they are convinced that they will work hard, earn the coach's favor, and get their chances. To even be on the team is a major accomplishment and for competitors presents a great challenge.

For all of these players, this dilemma is an indicator that they have worked hard to hone their craft and to prove their worth. Throughout high school and AAU ball they have hoped to catch the eye of coaches/scouts that will offer/entrust to them college scholarships.

Can you imagine receiving an offer like that? What a great feeling!
Well for us as Christians, I have great news! Yesterday as I sat under the preaching/teaching of my dear friend Freddie Coile, I was reminded of a great passage in 1 Thessalonians -

2:4 But as we have been appoved by God to be entrusted with the Gospel...

Did you catch that? The God of the universe has entrusted His Gospel message to us to share with others! How cool is that?

Freddie reminded us that to be "entrusted" with something means that we have a choice on what to do with it - but that the one that entrusts something to us will one day expect us to give an account of how we handled it.

Can you imagine how frustrated a college coach would be if he offered a scholarship to a player and the player then just sat at home watching TV, eating junk food, and being lazy?

Yet most Christians ignore the trust that has been given. I was reading the book "Radical Together" (follow-up to Radical), and a guy is mentioned that could not name one person outside of his family that he had led to Christ. He is then quoted as stating that he had been doing all the "church stuff" but igonoring this sacred trust.

The book goes on to make the following statement: "We don't want to come to the end of our days on earth only to realize that we have had little impact on more people going to heaven."

Yet I need to go back to my friend Freddie. He also reminded us that with a "trust" comes a responsibility to be careful and accurate with the Gospel. We want to make sure we honor the God that has entrusted us by sharing exactly what He intended for us to share...

I encourage each of you to do a couple things:
1. Commit to faithfully share the Gospel of Christ with a lost and dying world.
2. Commit to faithfully share the Gospel clearly! (For help in this take a look at Fredie's website: and click on "The Gospel")

I mentioned earlier that all players want to play; I conclude that all Christians should want to share the Gospel with others - it is a sacred trust!

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