Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 - ELITE

I am sitting in a parking lot in Dayton Ohio; listening to the rain pour down on the roof of my van; and thinking about some things I heard this morning as my son began 4 days of Point Guard Elite Camp. (Many of you know that Clay has just had major knee surgery. Don't worry he is just observing and taking notes. Although I think he is probably shedding a few tears inwardly...)

This camp is quite impressive. There is a pre-requisite of being a previous camper/student and the word "elite" is emphasized in many ways. The first way i saw it was in reading the rules for the players that are staying at the hotel. There is a very high standard set for behavior and the result of breaking the rules - immediate dismissal. To basically quote them: "This is an elite camp and we expect elite behavior."

During the intros this morning (that the parents were allowed to sit in on) this idea continued to emerge. There were:

* Questions like: "What is it that sets you apart?" This was referring to when you are on the floor with great athletes and you need a skill set that makes you stand out.

* Statements like: "It's not where you start but where you finish." - "You don't get here talking about it."

* Challenges like: "You don't have to see a trainer every day." Followed by the reasoning that personal accountability to get better is mandatory.

All of this with kids from all over the midwest, souteast, etc. whose parents have sacrificed to have them here. Even though Clay cannot participate this week I still have expectations of him learning and being motivated to be his best. If I am going to spend time and money to bring him then I expect "elite" effort and commitment as a result. That is reasonable!

For those of us that are believers in Christ, hasn't God given us a lot? Duh! We have freely received salvation through the finished work of the Son He gave. (Remember John 3:16?) HE has blessed us with so much. And yet we constantly seem to need a kick in the pants to remember that He deserves "elite" commitment in our Christian lives.

Luke 12:48 tells us that if we have received much then musch is required.

* So what is it that sets you apart? Scripturally it should be your attitude (See the Fruit of the Spirit) which is directed by 2 things: love for God and love for others - that is shown via service to others. (See the devo from June 6, 2011)
* Where will you finish? We all start as sinners! (Romans 3:23) Heaven vs Hell is based upon God's grace, solely through our faith, or lack thereof, in the finished work of Christ, not of works! (John 3:18, 36) Yet in the end for believers there is a judgement for reward based upon faithful service....
* You don't need a trainer every day! For us it can be reworded: You need to do more that see a trainer just on Sundays and maybe Wednesdays. You have a personal responsibility to daily be in the Word yourself. No excuses, get better!

ELITE: considered to be the finest...

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