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January 9, 2012 - Tebow's Biblical Game

OK, I must be the first to admit that I have often spoken and written about the fact that I do not believe God cares who wins a game of basketball or football or baseball, etc. Back early on in writing the weekly devotions I wrote about a college basketball coach that had guaranteed a win in the national championship game because God had told him they would win. (Their team lost…)
My point in that devotion was to say that God is not in the habit of guiding basketball shots like he did the rocks in David’s sling. What happens if both teams have Christians? What happens when the praying team loses?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion, some very hateful discussion, about Tim Tebow and his success - and at times lack of success - in the NFL. The big discussion and often joke is that God is helping Tim win games – and thus asking what happened to God’s influence when the Broncos lose. One comedian openly and vulgarly mocked not only Tim Tebow but also God. An NFL player was quoted this past weekend as saying that his team did not need God to win games.

I agree with that player. His team is good. It is full of men that have committed to excellence in their craft. If the whole focus is wins and losses in the NFL or any sports league then the reality is that wins and losses come to both the just and the unjust. In this thing we call life there are many non-Christians that win in sports, business, etc. In this thing we call life there are many Christians that lose in sports, business, etc.

Notice the Black/Gold uniform of the opponent
The Philistine Steelers? Israeli Broncos?
The problem is the focus of winning and losing at a temporal thing. Tim Tebow does not claim that God made the Broncos win; yet he fully gives credit and glory to God for allowing him to play the game he loves. As a result of his vocal praise for God, many are left feeling uncomfortable and miss the point all together.

In David’s fight with Goliath the issue was not who God was a fan of in fighting. The issue was a man (Goliath) that was openly mocking the reality and strength of God. Goliath was calling out the army of the living God to the fight – big mistake! No one really gave David a chance in the battle (including those around him that were on his side.) Yet this young, un-tested warrior – in his first battle – rose up and with one mighty throw brought down the giant on the other side of the line! And throughout David gave glory to God!

 Again, I do not think throughout this year that I want to give God credit for the Broncos’ wins (although I will give credit to a godly quarterback’s enthusiasm and work ethic in leading his team.) Yet I must admit that yesterday’s game where this young, untested football warrior – in his first playoff battle – rose up and with one mighty throw brought down the giant on the other side of the line of scrimmage. This is the giant that everyone believed would destroy the broncos. (Wouldn’t it have been cool if they were playing the Giants?)

 I do believe that this whole thing has gone beyond the ridicule/trials of Tim Tebow (that God uses to build strength and character in Tim’s life), to a direct problem of questioning and mocking God Almighty! And as a result, maybe, just maybe, there was some helping in guiding the throw????

 [And this young player, that was known for his John 3:16 tape under his eyes in college, threw for 316 yards on ten completions for a 31.6 yrd average… prompting Fox News to declare it “Tebow’s Biblical Game.” This is a great reminder to the world of God’s love for them!]

And oh yeah, the scripture also says that “God will not be mocked!”

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