Sunday, July 8, 2012

Prayer/Financial Request

Hello Team, I hope this entry finds you doing well...

This is coming a day before our regular weekly devotion (and I fully plan to write and post that tomorrow.) Yet in the title line of the blog it mentions that we will post prayer needs, etc.

I have just returned from 3 weeks away for ministry. It was an incredible time as we saw multiple people trust Christ as their Substitute (Savior.) There were many youth and also adults responding to God's gift of grace that is obtained by faith! Those weeks allowed me to see people in Florida, Honduras, and Georgia. And upon my return had the joy of preaching at a church here in NC and seeing people respond. God's grace is amazing!

Now we are prepping to hit the road again this coming Friday for 10 days in St Louis Mo and also a stop in Evansville IN. I have youth and adults hitting the road with me as we will be conducting basketball clinics and sharing in services. We would appreciate your prayers for travel mercies, for the hearts of those we will minister to, and for growth in those that travel with me.

We are also at a time of crisis in the ministry. We spend each month being amazed how God has supplied needs when it didn't seem possible. For 5 years Lisa and I have been full-time missionaries and able to stay afloat without being behind on bills (and we don't even own a credit card.)

Yet we also see that God works through His people! And in order for His people to help, they need to know of the needs.

This month brings us some out of the ordinary needs. Not only are we short on paying salary, but we also need the ministry van serviced and repaired, van insurance is due, I had to buy some more basketballs as the past two trips wiped us out, we have a couple kids that need scholarship $ toward their trip to St Louis, my computer has problems, etc...

On top of this we are hitting needs in our personal lives that have gone beyond the norm. Our 2 personal vehicles are both in need of major repair, our central air is out (of course in the hottest July here in 70 years), and many other things. (Although that has nothing to do with the financial plea - just seems par for the course.)

I realize trials make us stronger and honestly don't mind sweating a little bit. Yet the bank expects bills to be paid and I obviously must have the ministry van in great working order before taking people on the road.

We are simply trying to remain faithful to God's call on our lives. Tomorrow I will post a devotion like we have every Monday since the first Monday of 2002; we continue to take the Gospel to as many places as possible; we weekly meet with youth here in our local area; we keep on keeping on...

We have some that faithfully support this work, yet need much more. Tonight I type this update with hesitancy - I hate begging for money. Yet God commands His people to support His work, and I am sure we are doing His work.

Bottom line is that the ministry immediately needs $5,000 just to get through this abnormal month. Will you be a part of God's miraculous work He is doing in InBounds Ministries?

If you are able to help would you send me an email and let me know? Trying to get things figured out before we hit the road this Friday... Thanks and even if you cannot financially help, please pray!!!!!

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