Thursday, February 28, 2013

March M.A.D.ness - Brother, can you spare a "dime"?

Tomorrow we embark on InBounds Ministries March M.A.D.ness...
InBounds has been faithful in sharing the Gospel (the message of the Substitute God sent into the game of life for us) and teaching God’s Word (The Playbook) for over 15 years; we continue to see many trust in Christ and are truly building up disciples! (Lisa and I have been “full-time vocational status” as missionaries with InBounds for 6 years…; We now have another coach (Jon Morrow) that has answered God’s call to pursue “full-time vocational status”; And we have others heading to the mission field through our planned trips and Clay Burden heading overseas for 9 months [leaving this coming August] as well.)

March M.A.D.ness is our annual call to encourage each of you to help us Make A Difference

One of the most difficult things about being a non-profit ministry is the finances. Finances are necessary to fulfill the plan, yet awkward to discuss. As the founder/director of InBounds it is definitely my least favorite part of the “job.” Therefore my hope each year is to eliminate as much of the need to discuss this as possible. The Month of March is designated by our board as the time to focus on these needs so that in theory we can spend more time focused on ministry the rest of the year… Simply put we need your assistance.

There are personnel needs… My contracted salary is kept as low as possible (with Lisa and I picking up whatever part-time jobs we can.) We have another missionary now beginning his raising of support and I asked him to set a goal that meets his minimum needs. My son Clay will be serving as one of our InBounds Ambassadors in the Dominican Republic from August until May of 2014 and needs to raise a minimum of $10000… and then there are many young people we work with that would love to join us on our ROCK’em Road Trips and could use scholarship help .

There are travel needs… When April hits I will begin a 5-month stretch where I will cover over 15,000 miles. During this time my focus needs to be on sharing God’s truths, not raising funds. We also try to make sure that we cover the travel needs of coaches/volunteers that travel with us. (And honestly I like at times for Lisa and kids to travel as well.)

There are operating expense needs… This includes vehicle maintenance, insurance, products, literature, etc.

I ask the board each year to approve a budget that I can honestly say is as basic as I can make it. We do not want to spend needlessly; we do not need to stay in the finest hotels (in fact we often pitch a tent); we do not to eat in the nicest establishments (Peter Pan peanut butter tubs from SAM’s Club go a long way…); but we do need to be able to go share the Gospel!

In basketball an assist is often times referred to as a “dime.”
Brother, can you spare a “dime”?

We are in need.

·         May I ask you to pray about helping to meet those needs?

·         Would you consider being a part of our Booster Club via a one-time gift or possibly even a commitment to monthly support?

·         Would you answer our Loose Ball Challenge that asks you to place your loose change in a bucket for us?

·         Could you get your church or small group to offer our Take the Shot Challenge where we ask people simply to give $1, $2, or $3 to our work?

·         Would you consider designating support for our newest missionary Jonathan Morrow?

·         Would you consider designating support for Clay Burden and his GAP year in the Dominican?

·         If not InBounds would you at least take the challenge to give to a worthy Gospel-preaching, Bible-teaching ministry?

You see I cannot tell you where you should give of your finances but I have no problem telling you that God does want you to support ministry!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support InBounds Ministries (or specifically about one of our challenges) please contact me at

I am praying for a miraculous March M.A.D.ness! We are Making A Difference; would you join us?

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