Thursday, April 4, 2013

March MADness is winding down...

Yes we are winding down our March MADness campaign as the tourney winds down... On Monday night a team will be crowned champion and my prayer is that our Miraculous March MADness will have set us up to focus on ministry - we are daily being presented with opportunities to share the Gospel and teach the Word...

One of my dear friends directs a missionary outreach that vows to go where others won't go to share the Gospel - this lands him overseas in remote jungle villages that the majority would rather pretend don't exist... - thank God he is willing to go to these places with the glorious Gospel!!!

With our ministry we get to go overseas at times (I head out in just over a week to the DR and we even plan to join my friend on more trips) yet God has given us a directive toward people right in our midst that are largely ignored - they don't fit the typical church profile and to be totally honest are often ignored like the jungle villages

When we share with these folks, we don't take up an offering or have a cover charge to get in the gym - during the intense Bible studies we go through we don't pass the plate - most of the time when we travel to a community we don't ask them to pay for our gas and lodging - why? simply because they are not in position to do so and sharing the Gospel is not based upon economics but instead our love for the Lord resulting in love for these people...

Bottom line is that we are regularly seeing people saved! We are regularly teaching the Word! We are striving to plug them into local churches! Yet we continue to struggle greatly to meet our budget requirements: that include the need to do more printing of our devotional books and tracts we use in outreach

This is why I have pushed during March MADness for finances - no one likes to focus on begging - yet finances are a necessity to conducting ministry and again the goal is to only have to "beg" during March MADness so we can focus on the work before us... I truly am not just begging for me - in fact I have regularly picked up extra jobs and Lisa is doing the same so we can stay afloat - yet we also have another missionary that has also felt the call of the Lord to InBounds; my son is striving to raise support for 9 months he will spend in the DR in missions; and most importantly we have people that are largely ignored that need to hear the Gospel!

MADness = Making A Difference - which we are doing!
I beg you to help us - it is an investment worth making! Will you Make A Difference with us?

I am sitting in Florida at my in-laws home writing this - our miracle(s) may be in the stack of mail that will be awaiting me at home - or maybe it is still with you and needing to be sent ("you miss 100% of the shots you don't take") 

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