Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 - I'm Not Gonna Get Cut!

The news today is that the NY Jets have released Tim Tebow. They drafted another QB and have a log jam at that position; and let’s face it, they never intended to give him a shot to begin with…

When it all boils down the life of a professional athlete is based upon performance/abilities. The coaches and management make the call based upon their trust that you can get the job done. Therefore it the powers that be do not have confidence you can get the job done they will cut you.

Let it be known that I am a Tebow-fan; I think he is a “gamer” (an athlete that rises to the occasion and finds a way to win.) I loved having “gamers” on my teams when I was coaching; yet I also understand that there is an evaluation process that has to come into play (especially when dealing with millions of dollars.) So I understand the decision to cut Tim (even if I don’t agree with it.)

But what the story reminded me of is the security and confidence I have in Christ. I am sure God won’t “cut me” from the team because I am not on the team based upon my performance or abilities. I am on God’s team because of Christ’s performance and abilities. 2 Corinthians 5:21 explains that Jesus took my sin and I received His righteousness!

Aren’t you glad God does not judge based upon our performance? You know that we all fall short!

And if you are basing being on God’s team on your ability to perform well, we need to talk… You (nor I) will ever play the game to perfection, and Heaven is a perfect place with a holy God! Yet He loves you and sent His son as your Substitute (Savior) if you will receive Him…

Simply put: I am not good enough! You are not good enough! But praise the Lord that Jesus is good enough! He is enough to guarantee my place on the team! He is enough to guarantee your place on the team! He loves me in spite of me! He loves you in spite of you!

As a result I love Him and want to honor Him by telling others the Good News! As a result I love Him and want to honor Him with the choices I make in life! (Yet I still often times fall short and have His perfection to rely on…)

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