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June 24, 2013 - Big Talkers, Small Walkers

Let’s face it… Sports/Life is full of big talkers! When I was still coaching, I regularly found myself telling players, “don’t tell me… show me!” Players are quick to tell you how great they are; yet the reality is that very few show it! Very few have the inner strength/character to do what it takes to get where they claimed they were going. I have often used the quote from Coach Bobby Knight in these weekly devotions: “Everyone has the will to win, but few have the will to prepare to win.”

Big talkers… small walkers! Most are content to try to full people by talking big. Most will spend their lives as spectators, only wishing they had the “stuff” of champions!

Coach Morrow and I spent the week at Camp Grace in Georgia. Throughout the week we heard the plea for people to “move, act, do!” We challenged youth to get off their tails and risk failure so they could find success. And yes it involved some push in the competitions of the camp…

But more so in the living of life! Camp director Freddie Coile challenged the youth to make a difference for God. He challenged them to not be silent with their faith but instead to fulfill the call on every Christian’s life to be a “fisher of men.” He reminded them that each believer has purpose in life now that he or she is a “King’s Kid.”

Tonight Coach Morrow and Coach Stewart will encourage young men on a basketball court in Huntersville to Go MAD (Make A Difference) for God. Tomorrow morning I will fly to the Dominican Republic in order to Go MAD with the message of Christ!

All of this because we are so thankful for God’s grace; His free gift of salvation through Jesus to those that put their faith in Him! We simply want to tell others and fulfill our purpose. We simply want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk! No fear! We want to “move, act, do!”

Yet again let’s be realistic… Even within the body of Christ we have many big talkers and small walkers. Maybe it is fear? Maybe it is feeling unworthy? Be encouraged God wants you to get off your tail and He wants to use you!

Freddie shared an awesome lesson about a couple of young men that were willing to “move, act, and do” for the Lord. They put their full trust in Him and faced incredible obstacles, knowing that God was on their side!

Read the account of Jonathan and his armorbearer in 1 Samuel 14. We find two young men that were so willing to “move, act, do” that we are still talking about them today… We also find older ones, including Jonathan’s dad (King Saul), that are bystanders hanging out in the shade (probably big talkers but definitely small walkers.) And the cool thing in the story is seeing that the young men willing to Go MAD for God influence the older shade tree dwellers to move, act, and do also…

How about you? Are you ready and willing to Go MAD for God? Is He worth it to you? Does His grace motivate you to want to honor/serve Him? Do you truly trust that He is on your side? Are you willing to influence others to move, act, do?

It’s time to get off your tail and move, act, do! I’m even willing to be your “armorbearer”!

If God is for us, who can be against us? Also read Romans 8:31-39 – let’s do some conquering!!!!!!

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