Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 - The Heart of a Father / Coach

What does God want for you? What does He want from you?

The Scriptures describe God as a Father that wants what is best for His kids. I often refer to Him as though He is the perfect Coach and always tells us in the “huddle” the path to victory.

Last week at our missions conference the preacher said this about God”
·         God wants what is best for you!
·         God knows what is best for you!
·         God has the ability to do what is best for you!

You can tell a lot about a dad or a coach by what they want from their kids/players. Often it is assumed that I would want all of my kids to be athletes. Yes, I do enjoy watching my kids play; but I also enjoy watching the sing; watching them draw; watching them do well in school; etc. Simply put, I love seeing them doing things they love to do… I find myself watching former players that are playing at the collegiate level now and rejoicing in their success and being heartbroken in their disappointments…

Yet if you asked me what is the one thing that I would want from any of my kids/players it would be that they be witnesses of Christ as Acts 1:8 calls believers to be… I have been blessed to see each of my 5 kids in action sharing the love of Christ with others; whether it be on a playground around home or a field overseas. (I even get to serve side by side with my son Caleb next week in the Dominican Republic – it will be his first venture overseas in following God’s plan…) I have been blessed to have former players travel with me both stateside and overseas to share the Gospel.

God has chosen for us (believers) to be missionaries! (And I am not saying that everyone should be a vocational missionary; but all are to be witnesses.)

And if we need to know the heart of the Father we need look no further than His own Son. That preacher last week said this about the missionary heart of God: “God had only one Son and He made Him a missionary!”

Luke 19:10 “…for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

God the father knows what is best for you… God the Coach has sent you into the game with a job to do!

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