Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Training Camp Rules

I find myself often going back to common themes during these weekly devotions. (I guess that happens after you have done 600 or 700 hundred of them…) Sometimes it is probably because I’m not smart enough to think of anything new; yet I hope more often it is because the Spirit is using me to repeat things that need repeating…

This week I find myself thinking about my time coaching and how there is so much more involved in game strategy than just makes and misses. Therefore the goal in coaching always centered more on getting my guys to play their roles within the game plan. And when they veered from that plan I needed to correct them (even if when they veered there seemed to be success…)

It may sound strange to talk correction and success in the same sentence but it is a very real part of the game (and of life.)

I remember benching a kid after a made three simply because he directly went against the plan laid out in the huddle before the play… that was a matter of discipline and respect for the coach.

I think of times where we made 2 or 3 fast break buckets in a row… but against teams we needed to slow down against. And even though 6 quick points sounds good, getting the game into a tempo that favors the opponent is not a good idea – especially if you don’t have the players that can change it back!

Simply put a general set of rules for the players was this: Be where you are supposed to be; when you are supposed to be there; doing what you are supposed to be doing!

Isn’t that a great motto for life? We use it a camps we runs; on our ROCK’em Road Trips; on our Ambassadors International mission trips; etc.

As I sit typing this week’s devotion I am in an apartment in the Tireo Valley in the Dominican Republic. I am here working on our InBounds Training Camp for foreign missions. I am planning dates for training camps here and back at home. I am excited about what I feel the Lord is leading me to… You see, I want to be doing what I am supposed to be doing! And I believe the time is now and the place is here and at home…

So what is the Lord calling you to do? I can’t give you specifics but you know my thoughts on this one… The “what” includes sharing the Gospel! (Along with many other clear directives of Scripture…)

Love God… love others… and as you are going preach the Gospel…

I can’t tell you the geographical location where you are supposed to be (Side note: where you are is a great place to start)… but I can tell you the time is now to be doing what you are supposed to be doing!

It is time to GO MAD!
Global Outreach
Make A Difference

Be where you are supposed to be; when you are supposed to be there; doing what you are supposed to be doing!

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