Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 - The Journeyman

I spent this afternoon in familiar territory, but it is a place I don’t enjoy being… In the midst of the crazy ministry schedule (Just returned from a trip and hit the road again next weekend for the entire month of June), I am reminded that me (and my family) are simply nomads…

The place I found myself in today was another moving trailer… It is hard to believe we have been in Alabama for an entire school year but we find ourselves on the doorstep of another crazy summer and needing to get our stuff moved out of the “loner” apartments we have been staying in. For now the junk will mostly stay on the trailer just 35 minutes down the road and we will do our typical nomadic summer swing… starting in NC for a week; then Jr. Camp Grace in Georgia; Lisa and I in the Dominican Republic again for missions outreach; back to Sr. Camp Grace in Georgia and that will get us through June.

We would appreciate your prayers for: travel safety; finances for the travel and need supplies/equipment; our kids’ sanity; and most importantly for the thousands we will be entrusted to share the Gospel with… (This Spring we saw many make professions of faith in the finished work of the Substitute!)

And here I find myself writing another weekly devotion (as has happened now for 698 straight weeks) and I realize I am simply a “journeyman.”

“According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a ‘journeyman’ is known as ‘a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding.’ In the NBA, this title is used frequently to describe a player that has bounced around the league and struggled to find long-term real estate. While some of the NBA’s elite journeymen have put up All-Star numbers, they often have not received All-Star recognition.” []

I love those players that simply get the job done. They don’t need the fanfare and the hoopla… they just “do work!” There are guys right now in the NBA playoffs that are not famous and won’t get much press… yet they are needed to complete these teams and help them function properly. Many of them, in spite of being in “The League” are “nobodies” when it comes to fame.

I am not a star preacher or teacher; I am not a famous author; I don’t even really have a home (as stated we are truly nomads.)

Yet what I hope is true of me (and of you) is that we are found faithful… “steadfast, immovable (in spite of constantly moving), and always abounding in the work of the Lord.” (1 Cor 15:58) I want to simply “do work” for the Lord!

After all isn’t that what matters? Live in light of eternity! Let’s be like John the Baptist who stated:

He must increase and I must decrease! (John 3:30)

I am a “journeyman” and I am ok with that! I just want to “Do Work!”

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