Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 - was hard to get me to come back in the house...

What drives you to play the game? (Or for us old geezers, what drove us to play the game? And in some cases to limp out there and try to continue playing the game?)
I know for me that the sweetest times I spent on the court were often in my backyard avoiding the drop off on the side of the concrete… or avoiding the raised cracked concrete… or hopping the fence to retrieve a ball that bounced over… at times playing in the rain… at times shoveling snow that tried to interrupt my hooping plans. The court was only around the width of a free throw lane; the concrete was rough; but in my backyard I fell in love with the game. On that court I became all my basketball heroes and played for my favorite teams. Because of that love adversity didn’t matter; the negatives I mentioned just morphed into part of the game. And when the ball went up in my backyard, that court and each game was every bit as important to me as the thousands of times I’ve laced up my shoes in nice gymnasiums. It was not hard to get me to go out to the court to play; but it was very hard to get me to come back in the house. When you love something you logically want to be around it… want to spend time with it… want to know more about it… don’t allow adversity to stop you… etc. For me my basketball is love-driven (or one could even say it is part of the spirit of who I am and thus spirit-driven.)
This came to my mind as I was studying for a message last night about the early church. One of the sites ( I came across when researching stated the following:
“…we don’t actually see that the EC had a real clear idea what they were doing or that they were “church planting.” Their devotion to the Word, fellowship, communion, and prayer were not sophisticated, sociologically engineered church planting methods. No, the EC was… a “SPIRIT driven church”!!!”
The early church simply was overwhelmed with what they realized Christ had done for them. Their world was rocked by not only a crucified, but also a risen again Savior. In fact in the text of Acts 2 in verse 32 it reminds them that they were witnesses of this risen Savior… imagine physically being a witness of that miracle…
The logical result was wanting to spend time learning more and growing together. The text goes on to tell us in verse 42 that they were “continually devoting” themselves… in other words they were devoted daily to this thing we have called church. They daily spent time at this… much like I did with my backyard basketball court. I would say they were love-driven with their love for the Lord and we can’t miss in the context the absolute clear picture that they were Spirit-driven.
I love the reality that one’s personal growth and for the effectiveness of our churches, there needs to be a natural response to the reality of who Jesus is and what He has done and continues to do in our lives. The reality of the crucified and risen again Savior should be rocking our worlds!

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