Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Greedy for the Basketball

Being back on the sidelines as a coach has been a lot of fun… I love teaching the skills of the game… I love teaching the mental part of the game… I expect young players to need to learn these things and I hope to make the game come easier to them physically and mentally.

The same is true in my role as a missionary, campus pastor, teacher, etc… I love teaching the Word and when possible showing by example how to live it out. And when a believer is young I really love helping lay the fundamental foundations.

For time sake this week though I want to tell you the thing I don’t understand as a coach or minister; I don’t get it when I have to try to motivate players/believers to put forth effort… I love the game and I love the Lord.

When I lace up the shoes to play I get after it! I want the basketball! I recently saved a picture that a friend posted on Facebook and it had a list of things that don’t require talent… things like effort, energy, attitude, passion. The reality is that a lot of games are decided by who gets the most rebounds… who dives to the floor to win the loose balls… who takes the extra steps on defense to actually get turn an opponent instead of being content to just run beside… I love the players that are ready to be all in. My plea with my teams as of late is to be “greedy” for the basketball… wanting every rebound and every loose ball!

From a spiritual perspective I love to see “players” that are motivated to make a difference in others’ lives. I love to see the “players” that are sold out to honoring Jesus by sharing the Great Commission packaged in the Great Commandment.

I recently finished a book that keyed on the concept that David didn’t just go to the battle against Goliath; the Scriptures record in 1 Samuel 17:48 that David “ran quickly toward the battle to meet him.” David was fully of energy, passion, and an attitude of total trust and surrender to the Lord. He didn’t hesitate. No one could accuse him of “playing passively.”

The book (Facing Goliath by JP Jones) it is stated that “there are only three options for a man: (1) Live a passive, wimpy life; (2) live proactively, but seek to fulfill some purpose other than God’s plan for your life; (3) live with a sense of mission and purpose, seeking God’s will in every area of your life.” (p. 180)

I love to teach and demonstrate… but when it comes to motivating, an individual must decide who he or she is going to be. I’ve always said it is easier to dial back a high strung player than to dial up a passive one… yet the bottom line is that you will be passionate about what you value most!

Is serving Christ through serving others your passion? If you truly value Him it will be!

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