Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009 - I'd like to thank...

I love to hear athletes being interviewed, especially when they understand how things truly work. By that I mean they understand that it is a team effort that leads to success. I think of the football quarterback or running back that has had a great game. They almost always need to thank their front line for the protection or holes their blocking created. I think of the basketball player that scores a bunch of points as a result of his teammates getting him the ball, setting screens, etc. Even in sports for individuals there are coaches to thank, training partners, parents, those that get the field or facility ready, those that run the events, etc.

It is nice to hear the athlete that is getting the praise and the publicity give thanks and credit to those around him.

I have just returned home from a long summer’s worth of outreach. (In fact I literally walked in the door just 1 hour ago.) As I drove down the interstate tonight I couldn’t help but think about all the folks that I have had the privilege to work with this summer: those that set up the events; those that prepared the facilities; those that fed us; those that housed us; those that encouraged us; those that gave financially so we could go; etc.

I plan to spend some time tomorrow sending thank you notes to as many as I can think of and have access to. We have seen a plentiful harvest this summer as a result of their hard work and dedication. I simply want them to know that I noticed.

The Apostle Paul made sure he gave thanks for workers in every one of his letters. I encourage you today to send some thank you notes or make some thank you calls. Follow the Biblical example and mandate to be thankful and to encourage.

Philippians 1:3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

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