Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010 - Game-Time-Shooters

When I am teaching shooting to players we discuss the balance of a shooter. We talk about where the toes, hips, and shoulders are pointed. We talk about the knees being bent and butt being down. Yet one of the most important things we talking about training is the eyes. A great shooter needs to consistently zero-in on his target.

When a shooter gets this type of laser focus he will become a good “game-time-shooter.” I often have watched players in practice or warm-ups that can really fill it up; only to see them crumble when a little pressure is thrown their way. Others I have seen became better shooters when faced with a defender flying at them. They become more focused in adversity.

Lately the exciting thing for me has been seeing my son turn into a “game-time-shooter.” He has played against some tall, long, athletic opponents and is shooting a great percentage from 3-point land. Even when a 6’8” giant is flying at him he doesn’t take his eyes off the target.

I fear that in the church we have many that are not good “game-time-shooters.” These are those that “practice” well in the confines of the church but crumble under the pressures of life. They practice all the external things like what they should or shouldn’t do; yet fail to train their “eyes.”

The Apostle Paul had many pressures in life but he had a “laser focus” on his goal – the excellence of knowing Jesus Christ. In every circumstance he strove to focus on his Savior. He knew that he had to forget the past “shots,” whether good or bad, and focus on Christ in his present situation. (Read Philippians 3 to see this incredible “game plan.”)

(Side Note: We also see an example in the Old Testament of one that realized the importance of training his eyes for very practical purposes. When faced with the temptation to look away from God to earthly things – he responded with training his eyes. See Job 31:1)

How about you? When faced with the trials of this life do you stayed zeroed-in on Christ and His purposes? Are you a good “game-time-shooter”? Is Christ always your target?

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