Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012 - Player Becomes Coach

We are all extensions of who taught/coached us when we were younger. I think about how I teach the fastbreak or how I explain defensive concepts or what plays I feel comfortable diagramming and it all goes back to my old coaches – I am an extension of them… Of course I try to learn new things along the way and expand my knowledge and effectiveness but I cannot escape those guys’ influence.

I think that is the picture we see in Scripture of discipleship. We see guys spending time and mentoring others; then later we see then others rising to position of teacher…

I was reminded of this truth during a conversation I had with a dear friend Friday (Jonathan Morrow.) He is younger than I am and has been a major part of our ministry over the past year or two. He has regularly been involved an even started running some of our weekly local outreach; he has travelled on one of our ROCK’em Road Trips to minister with us;  and now Jon is serving in South Africa for 5 weeks (and has even done some impromptu basketball clinics with guys on the road.)

Not only am I proud of what this Jon is doing, I was also humbled by our conversation. I am presently sitting in North Carolina and trying to plan the upcoming schedule. To be honest I am feeling trapped in as we look at the costs of travel, family needs, etc. Yet here is Jon with opportunities to reach out half way around the world…

Jon (the pupil) quickly gave the old teacher/coach a reminder of truths found in Scripture. He told me that he felt like Timothy and that I was Paul. He said that he saw me in my chains (figuratively speaking) yet still getting the chance to minister to and through him…

I am so thankful for Jon and his partnership in the Gospel and InBounds Ministries commitment to “Give ‘em the ROCK!”

My challenge this week for each of us is to think about those that have poured into us and if possible send them a thank you. Secondly I ask are you pouring into anyone? Has the student become the teacher? The player become the coach?

1 Timothy 1:18 says “I’m passing this work on to you, my son Timothy…” (The Message)

2 Timothy 1:13 says “So keep at your work… as I set it out for you.” (The Message)

Coach Jon, I love you and am proud of you – “Give ‘em the ROCK!”

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Jonathan Morrow said...

Love you too! So honored God put us together. I have learned so much from you i meet with about 12 guys today and shared my testimony and told them they were the future. And issued a challenge for them to start serving in their community. They loved it.