Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012 - Tis the Season

Here we are facing another high school basketball season. For years I eagerly anticipated games where I would get to pace up and down the sidelines and see if my boys had learned anything from me… Now that I am no longer pacing the sidelines as a coach, my anticipation is transferred to the beginning of my son Clay’s season (and wondering if he learned anything from me…) Wednesday night will be his first game of the year, after only having a few minutes of action last year due to the knee surgeries. I know he is anxiously awaiting the game/season also.  

As I type this I have a schedule in front of me that tells me the dates and locations of his games. I know when he is facing highly rated opponents (even facing one kid named Clay Byrd) … when he is facing small teams… when he is facing big teams… and will even find out at times when scouts may be there.

Anticipation is a great thing when it comes to fruition. I remember last year as I awaited getting to see Clay play again following his first surgery. It was great to see the joy on his face as he laced up the shoes and went “into battle.” Yet I also clearly remember the hurt as the surgery failed and he (and I) realized that the anticipated games were not going to happen.

A couple thousand years ago the world was in chaos (much like today) but the Jewish people had a hope… they had over 300 very direct prophecies about a coming Messiah. These prophecies pointed to the place, the time, the family line, etc. of this Deliverer.  (Yet unfortunately many didn’t pay attention to the plan for how He would deliver them.)

Those that ended up missing the hope of the Messiah were those that had expectations of a political deliverer instead of a spiritual deliverer. Jesus did not come to overthrow Rome; He came to overthrow Satan and provide a way for us to be back in relationship with God.

Today many are still missing the hope that is found in this Deliverer. They are people that want a physical deliverer that will stop all the bad in the world and give them good things… They want a “Santa Claus” deliverer; not understanding they need a spiritual deliverer.  (The stopping of the bad will take place eventually – another thing to anticipate…)

As we approach CHRISTmas this year can I remind you of the hope/anticipation we have in Jesus? When He fulfilled those prophecies He was doing it for all of us – offering an opportunity for reconciliation to God; offering eternal life full of joy and peace.

As we go through the next few weeks I encourage you to tell the true message of CHRISTmas very chance you get. Make sure that people know there is “good tidings of great joy…to all people.” Make it a point to announce that born that day “in the city of David” was “a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Announce to them that there is a hope “on earth” of “peace, goodwill toward men.” Like the shepherds, let’s make “widely known” this hope-message. People will be amazed by it! (Read Luke 2:8-14)

Simply put, Christ fulfilled all the prophecies about the coming Messiah. He fully delivers on the promises!!!!!

Tis the season…

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