Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012 - I Wanted The Ball!

As we get older it is funny how much better of players our memories make us than what we really were… legends in our own minds… reminiscing about the glory days… I confess I get caught up in it. I think way back to my playing days and I become “unstoppable.” Yet I am sure we could find a few folks that tell it otherwise…

But there is one thing I do know was true about me as a player: I wanted the basketball and would risk life or limb to get it! I treasured the basketball! I prided myself on securing it and getting it to the rim… And what a rush when I would successfully finish the play!

The reason it came to mind this week is a result of watching a lot of college and high school hoops this past week. I get so frustrated when I see guys just going through the motions. As a former player/coach I can handle seeing mistakes made but don’t understand lack of effort…

This past week also had the record breaking Power Ball drawing. How do you think people were treating their tickets while awaiting those numbers to be drawn? What about the couple of folks that did win, how do you think they handled their tickets while waiting to turn them in? My guess is they treasured them! They prided themselves on securing the tickets and getting them where they needed to go!

As I was reading this morning in Proverbs 3 I was reminded of the admonition to find wisdom, gain understanding, and retain her. This same passage compares wisdom and understanding to silver, fine gold, and rubies – in other words it is treasure. (See verses 13-18)

Do you see the challenge for us this week? It is time for us to treasure God’s Wisdom! It is time for us to apply it to our lives! And by the way, what a rush when we are successful!

The promised results in Proverbs 3: Happiness, Peace, Length of days, Safety, Confidence, etc.

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