Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012 - In The Right Place At The Right Time

Recently I received an email from Jim Crews (Hoops Coach at St Louis University); he was sending some encouragement and some wisdom for my son Clay to be patient in the recruiting process. There was some great advice imparted in that email but I am going to key on one line:

Opportunities come when one is doing the right thing-not always the opportunities we desire, but good opportunities.” (Jim Crews)

I have often taught “to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!” Yet the motivation to follow this advice comes from the results – “good opportunities.” Simply put – doing the right thing puts you in the right place!

(It is kind of like the old adage that “winners create their own luck.” In other words winners find themselves in the right place on the court or field for good things to happen.)

Sounds a bit like Bible teaching doesn’t it? - Romans 8:28 ensuring that “things will work together for good for those that love the Lord.” That is a promise from God that if we love Him good will happen.

So how do we “love Him”? The Bible also answers that question: John 15 tells us clearly that our “love” is directly linked to our obedience to God; and then to our love for others…

My thoughts come down to this: when we are told to “walk by faith” it is a simple picture of walking in trust that if we do what the Scriptures lead and teach, we will have good results. They may not happen as quickly as we want or exactly how we envisioned, yet that is the essence of faith – trusting God knows best.

Simply put, this week make it a point to be at the right places, doing the right things, trusting God!

(Just a thought: you can’t trust God if you don’t read His Word and learn what it is you are to trust in…)

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