Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 - "Gettin Buckets!"

One of our new outreach plans for our MAD (Making A Difference) Hoops ministry is called “Getting’ Buckets!” That is phrase that simply refers to a guy or gal that is scoring a lot in hoops… For us we are hoping it translates to those that are “scoring” a lot in making a difference in other people’s lives!

We are going to ask each of our MAD Hoops locations to designate an outreach to the needy and to “drop a dime (assist)” to help support that outreach financially. This idea was birthed as I toured an area in Haiti and witnessed the extreme poverty; then I met a missionary that has been there for 30 years and found out about his love and heart for the people around him. There are numerous “beggars” that wait outside his house daily just hoping to get some help. Many families know they can seek help by going to him. And this guy does it mostly through his limited support that is supposed to be for he and his wife. He puts together buckets of food that will last families a week or two and distributes them on a regular basis. He truly knows what it means to serve Christ… since Christ said we serving Him by serving the “least of these.” I simply got to thinking that we could help “get buckets” for him…

That immediately made me think about the outreach of our MAD Hoops guys in NC that regularly help in handing out supplies to the homeless in Charlotte… they are making a difference! And all of the players that get the benefit of running the courts during our outreaches should be encouraged to help meet needs…

Read the Scriptures! We are commanded over and over to consider the poor and needy! We are commanded to make a difference!

Psalm 41:1 says that the one that considers the poor is “blessed.”

Psalm 82:3 tells us to “defend the poor and fatherless…”

Proverbs 14:31 He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, but he who honors Him has mercy on the needy.

Check out some of these verses in the Proverbs: 19:17; 21:13; 22:9; 28:27

InBounds (MAD Hoops) is planning on “Getting’ Buckets!” How about you? Are you ready to make a difference? Last week I encouraged you to let eh Word of God transform your mind… These verses should bring us a whole new way of looking at life!

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