Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 - Passion Birthed In Battle

Years ago when coaching I was very organized in my practices; I had the drills and teaching time planned out to the minute. When it came to the plays and plans I wanted to make sure that each player knew exactly where he should be and when he needed to be there. As the years progressed I found more and more players coming to me that had been in camps and clinics throughout their lives and had decent motor skills and a could follow where to be in plays… and as a coach I felt confident that players were prepared.

Yet in the latter years of my coaching I was noticing that these seasoned practice players simply did not have a natural feel for the timing of the game; I found players that were equipped but had no passion…

I really believe that the passion for the game comes more from time in the school yard or in the driveway than in the clinics; and I found this to be true of players in every sport. I believe preparation is very important but I believe passion is birthed in the battle.

This came to my mind this past week while in a meeting with a mission team. We were discussing ideas for some outreach in a community and the possibility of hosting an event there. I proceeded to explain that the events are fine and I love planning and doing them, and can even equip people to play their roles at them… but ultimately for long-term effectiveness there must be long term commitment that is steeped in actual “game play” that produces passion. Again this is not to discount preparation; but if too much time is spent just preparing then passion is non-existent. (That is why coaches hear players begging to scrimmage – they want to be in the battle; they want to compete!) I find many folks in the church that have spent a lot of time in preparation yet lacking in passion.

One of the members of the mission team looked at me and said that it seemed that for everyone to seek what he or she is passionate about sounds unorganized but effective… to which I replied “exactly!” Ministry is not always about organization; it is about getting passionate about where God is leading you and getting in the game!

Some of my fondest memories of basketball are from my back yard on the broken concrete… it wasn’t ideal but I was in the game… in the battle! Don’t get me wrong… I loved the “events” of the organized games from running out for pregame, to the announcing of the starting lineups, to the opening tip! But that is not where my passion was birthed!

All of that to simply ask, “Are you in the game?” Get busy about ministering to people. It doesn’t have to be an organized event; it might even be in your own back yard!

1 Corinthians 15:58 – Always abound in the work!!!!!!

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