Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 - Letting The Assistant Coach Run The Huddle...

I often scan the sports news for ideas that will spur the devotion for the week; other times it just comes to me as I am going through my daily grind. Some Mondays role around and I just feel like there is a block there… And then the Lord sends an answer…

In my coaching days I was blessed to have some great assistant coaches. Being an assistant isn’t always easy, especially if you disagree with the head coach’s decision or philosophy. Yet great assistants know how to get their point across and also how to show faithfulness and loyalty. It is even a greater blessing when the assistant has the same goals and values for the team as the head coach. This type of assistant is a guy the head coach has no problem letting run the huddle…

All of that intro because to this day I still love to daily read the thoughts and encouragements of an assistant coach I had many years ago. Coach Rick Lewis, of Phenom Hoop Report, daily posts thoughts and encouragements for players and their families… today being no exception. Therefore I am letting him “run the huddle…”

Coach Rick writes…
“3 things you can never get back in life : 
Make sure you make all 3 count the first time”

These are great truths for us to remember this week as we “play the game of life.”

Look up these passages that support the truths Coach Lewis shared…

Words: Psalm 19:14; James 3:2-10
Time: James 3:13-17
Opportunity: Ephesians 5:15-17

Thanks Coach, for daily investing in people’s lives!

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