Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Five Fingers Up!

Today as I was teaching a basketball clinic to a bunch of school kids I was reminded of the numerous life lessons that the fundamentals of the game teach. As we discussed ball handling we talked of proper stance and protecting the ball. When training some of the older players that are more skilled we start to open up their stances a bit more so they can be more in an “attack mode” as opposed to just protection. When training the younger or less experienced players we start with the ball safely “in the pocket” and encourage them to put up an arm bar…

The arm bar is what jumped out to me today in the life analogies. I always have the players not only put the arms out but also I insist that they hold out all the digits on that hand – flashing five as a reminder…

The reality is that one of the things we are teaching is being part of a team. I want the players reminded that they are not on the court alone. They have teammates that are there to pass to and to help reach the goal. Players are not in it alone…

Do you know that you are not alone? You have a responsibility to “keep your head up and see the court” of life. You need to know if your “teammates” need help; and you need to look to them when you need help.

We need to live our lives thinking of others… considering them more important than ourselves (Phil 2:3) and doing good for them, especially to those of the household of faith… (Gal 6:10)

Is your life consumed with holding up one finger and living according to the world’s philosophy that you should “look out for numero uno” or is your life characterized by being aware of those around you and looking to do good for them? (In hoops we call it an “assist.”)

I received a text message today that blessed my heart and reminded me how awesome it is when people are others-focused. The text mentioned one of the coolest kids on the planet. His name is Luke; he is the son of my dear friends in St Louis that we spent time with over the last couple of weeks.

Luke is an 8 yr old that is aware of the needs of those around him. He made a box and put it in the youth room at their church. He put a sign on it that reads, “Put money here for Coach Todd, and nails.” (He then explained the nails are to help build churches.)

Thanks Luke for reminding us to “play with our heads up” so that we are aware of our teammates and their needs. (I love you Buddy!)

How about you? Who can you do something good for today, and each day?

Five Fingers Up! It’s not all about me!


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