Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 - Are You What The Team Needs?

Last week I wrote challenging us to be “All In” in our commitment to Christ due to our gratitude for what Christ has done for us… Freely forgiven; forever grateful!


The next day Facebook was lit up with the words “All In”; not due to my blog but instead due to a picture of the cover of FCA magazine featuring USA goalie Tim Howard. It’s great reading about a young man that is making a difference…


Obviously, (if you regularly read the blog), I love to write about “Making A Difference.” A few years ago, along with my dear friend and co-laborer Coach Jon Morrow, we determined that our lives/outreach would “Make A Difference.” And thus the MAD Hoops name was attached to our ministry…


And now that the US is out of the World Cup the sports news revolves around free agency in the NBA; wondering who will go where and discussing who can truly be difference makers. Players are being praised for their scoring ability, passing ability, etc. They are talked about on what they could do for any given team; will they make the team better? Are they what the team needs?


My question this week is “are you making the team better?” Are you getting to the goal when openings arise (sharing the Gospel)? Are you spacing the floor by going to open areas to extend the offense (or are you running to the ball like a first grade basketball player and not helping the team at all)? Are you giving assists when and where you can? (All ministries I know could use an “assist” – “drop a dime” to Make A Difference!)


2 Timothy 4:5 tells you (and me) to “…fulfill your ministry.”


2 Peter 1:5-7 gives a good picture of a “difference maker”… and then verse 8 tells us that if we strive to be that type of “player” we will effective and productive… a player the team needs!


The reality is that these NBA players are striving to get better contracts… yet as believers we have been given a guaranteed eternal contract based upon what Christ has done. Therefore we “play” because we remember what He has done… Verse 9 in 2 Peter 1 tells us that the one not striving to be a Difference Maker is “shortsighted” and “blind” and has “forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sin.”


Make A Difference!!!!!

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