Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014 - Breaking The Press

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks… in the air there’s a feeling of CHRISTmas.”

I find it interesting that in the hustle and bustle of the CHRISTmas season even popular songs relate the “feeling of CHRISTmas” with “busy sidewalks.” This time of year is always full of traffic jams, heightened frustrations, and emptied bank accounts (which will lead to more frustrations.) Is that really the “feeling of CHRISTmas”?

Life seems to always be “played at a high pace”; but the holiday season seems to put it into a “full court press.” It gets us out of rhythm. We leave our driveways with every intention of just accomplishing our tasks and somehow end up caught up and flustered (and at times “committing turnovers” by blowing testimonies.)

As a coach when my team was being pressed I had to watch and see if my team was flustered. (The old Coach Wooden phrase: we wanted to be quick but not hurry.) We had gone over press-breakers to teach our guys where they should go and what they should do; but honestly when the other team was long, athletic, and active I often had to call timeout and try to calm the situation. I had to choose the right player to handle throwing the ball in; had to choose the right guys to be in position to receive the pass and then make good decisions. In the midst of all the chaos each player had to stay calm, seek out the teammate he was supposed to pass to, and make the right play…

The true “feelings of CHRISTmas” that we were promised are joy and peace! (Isn’t it funny that we sing “Silent night… all is calm” during our present day season?) These are not feelings that come from a new religion that calls for people to try to impress God; but instead from a God that “called timeout” (literally splitting the calendar) and sent His Son “into the game as the Substitute!”

My encouragement to you this season is to stay calm and seek Jesus! Let Him “break the press” for you! If you have never accepted His offer of joy and peace then Know that He came for you; He was born as the Savior to ultimately die to pay for your sin and rise again to offer you new life if you will simply place your faith in Him!

If you have trusted Him as your Savior do you realize that He brought you peace? You can rest this season in His promises.  Seek Him more than all the other stuff! Maybe take time to share His promises with others? Maybe talk more about His goodness and promises than you complain about traffic or money or unsaved people having the audacity to tell you Happy Holidays instead of Merry CHRISTmas… (Somehow their sentiment seems more joyful than demanding our rights????)

Yesterday our pastor reminded us that Jesus was born largely in obscurity. (I think of the old Truth song that said “there were no fanfares played, no jubilant display, isn’t it amazing how He came?) The shepherds, in the midst of the crazy and chaotic world, were invited to seek and meet Jesus. But the pastor reminded us of all those around that missed the event…

Don’t miss Jesus in the midst of the CHRISTmas season! Don’t let those around you miss Jesus during the CHRISTmas season!

Isaiah 55:6 Seek the Lord while He may be found. Seek Him while He is near.

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