Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 - Playing In the Presence Of Royalty

Yesterday I was reading an ESPN story about LeBron James. This is a guy at the forefront of fame… known all over the world; and yet the story was about the fact that today he would be playing basketball in front of British Royalty (Prince William and Kate.) He went as far as stating that he hopes to “get the opportunity to interact with them a little bit.” How about that? King James wants an audience with Prince William…

Fast forward to tonight and as I read the recap of the Cavs victory over the Nets I noticed that the game was tied at 61 when the royal couple entered the arena; and at that point LeBron began “putting on a show” and Cleveland “cruised” to victory. James upped his game in the presence of royalty.

Last week I wrote about the lowly shepherds that went from “last pick to first” as the ones that God chose to introduce first to His Son. This week (as we continue in the CHRISTmas theme) I want to remind you that no matter where someone is on the social ladder, no one is bigger than God!

The CHRISTmas story (the Jesus story) is the Immanuel story (Matthew 1.) Immanuel means God with us… do you get that? The God of the universe chose to come mingle with us! Yet unlike most royalty, that visit was without fanfare and bright lights but instead humble and meager. He didn’t come to just sit courtside for our “game”; He entered “the game” and served us, even to the point of death on a cross! He provided a way for us to be royalty (King’s kids)!

I am beyond humbled to know that the King didn’t just watch me play to judge my worth but instead He gave me worth! He gave me an audience with Him and interacted with me. I belong to and am in the presence of Royalty. Therefore I want to “up my game” in honor to Him!

I hope you will pause today and think about the things we take for granted: Immanuel, God with us, is the very message that sets CHRISTianity apart from religions and allows us to be in a relationship! Many years ago I fell in love with a song written by Mark Harris. The group TRUTH sang it and then we covered it in our college group. The song always hit me hard emotionally, but especially so when I saw one of my dear friends, who was going through a very difficult time in the game of life, worshipping while listening to the song with tears rolling down his cheek. The lyrics put in perspective that fact that we should be in awe of Jesus this CHRISTmas season (and always.) Here are the lyric to Isn’t It Amazing How He Came:

Just To Think Such Royalty
Would Come The Way He Came
In A Dusty Little Town
Born In Such Humility Upon A Bed Of Hay
Certainly He Laid His Glory Down
Who Would Think This Little Child
Would Be The Promised One?
Would The Messiah Really Come This Way?
And Certainly This Was No Birthplace
For The Son Of God
Isn’t It Amazing How He Came?
Isn’t It Amazing The Way He Came?
No Crown, No Throne No Big Parade
There Were No Fanfares Played, No Jubilant Display
Isn’t It Amazing How He Came?
Isn’t It Amazing?
I Can’t Believe That I Would Be The Reason Why He Came
I Can’t Believe He Left His Mighty Throne
He Became A Pauper So That I Could Be A King
He Denied Himself And Then He Made My Heart His Home

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