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June 1, 2015 - Are you a go-to player?

I have written about it in the past, yet it comes to mind again this weekend (and of course after over 700 of these weekly devotions I don’t write about much that is new to the blog…)
 I was walking through the house yesterday on my way to do some work and the TV caught my ear and then my eyes; there was a weekend news/entertainment show on (know idea what the name of it was) and the anchor was mentioning their “fans of the week” from Facebook. The “fans” names were called out and their pictures posted; and the anchor then said, “if you want to hear your name read on the air simply like our Facebook page.” First of all that is pretty lame criterion for being called a “fan.” But the reason it jumped out at me is that it plays to the basic human desire to hear our name called, to be recognized, to feel noticed…

I thought of my oldest son telling me last week of a pastor he met that later remembered his name; and how that impressed him. I then talked to him about the fact that people love to be recognized…

I was reminded of it this morning by the message at church where one of our pastors was discussing where we go to find significance. He pointed out the parable in Luke 14 where the people at the banquet were vying to get the best seat to be recognized as important…

I thought of how special it always felt to hear my name introduced in a starting line-up; but then realizing that I don’t remember the beginning of many games )but the end of many games stand out in my mind.) But then I remember often going back to the pride of hearing/seeing my name and eagerly grabbing the newspaper the next day to see my name in the article and in the boxscore… I wanted to be seen as great.

I counsel players all the time about how it is more important who the coach relies on to close out a game than who he chooses to start a game. You see the reality is that we want to start because we want the recognition of others. Often times we search the papers afterwards because we want to be recognized. Yet, while the game is underway the coach knows who he can count on to finish strong; who is committed to the cause; committed to the team; can be relied on to give his all; etc. Between those self-seeking moments of glory the coach knows who are truly his “go-to” players!

When we get our names called it boosts our pride, gives us a sense of importance. We all to be seen as great… but what is great? How does God see greatness? I think much like a coach does. God wants those that can be counted on to be in the game and committed to the cause! He wants those that will humble themselves and consider the game plan and teammates!

Are you a “go-to” player? Can you be counted on to fulfill the Great Commission? Can you be counted on to live out the Great Commandment? Can you be counted on to follow the Great Game Plan and do these things locally, nationally, and internationally?

The “game” is going on! It is not time to be seeking recognition or desiring to hear our names called. Your importance and significance is from the Lord not from others. Let’s focus on Him and His game plan – His applause; instead of the applause of the crowds!

Luke 14:11 “For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” (That is how Jesus summed it up…)

Are you a “go-to” player?



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