Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015 - Are You An Impact Player?

As I was watching the women’s World Cup earlier tonight one of the commentators mentioned players that are “impact players.” In the sports world those terms are used often and definitely what every athlete would want said of him/her…

What about those that are believers in Christ… and under the Great Commission and the Great Commandment? Weekly I try to encourage us to Go MAD (Make A Difference) in our world. I want us to Go MAD because of our gratitude toward Christ… I want us to Go MAD in order to make Christ more known… not with the goal of making ourselves more known…

Yet nevertheless the reality is that if we are Making A Difference we will start to be known as “impact players” in our communities. I wonder what those in your town, in your church, at your job, at your school think of you? What would the leaders in your church say about you? Would you be known? Would they consider you an ‘impact player” for the Kingdom? What would those around you say about God based upon what they see in you?

The Apostle Paul made it a point to regularly commend those around him that were Going MAD! He bragged on the “laborers.” He thanked the “faithful.” He talked about “hearing” of the impact believers were making. I love what he said about Philemon in verse 7 of that letter: “…because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother.” Philemon was an “impact player”!

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