Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 - Great Teammates!

Recently I have had the song “Man in the Mirror” in my face multiple times; and honestly it is just a great song that reminds us to take an honest look at who we are and what we are doing… Sounds a lot like James chapter 1 doesn’t it? (See James 1:22-27)

This passage is a great reminder that we ought to evaluate our service before the Lord. Each of us is commanded to not just be talkers but instead to be doers… those that Go MAD (Make A Difference) in the world around us. Yet there is also a reminder in Scripture to not think too highly of ourselves…

Romans 12:3 tells us “not to think more highly” of ourselves than we should. Throughout the Scriptures we are warned about the problem of pride…

As I stood on a small rooftop basketball court Saturday I found myself looking at the rim and contemplating jumping up to hang on the rim… which I definitely can’t do anymore. Yet I find myself questioning it even as I write this… my pride is telling me I should be able to do it.

With the battle I am in right now I find myself frustrated when I am tired… or frustrated when I realize I have forgotten to take care of things… or frustrated when I simply have to face the truth that there are going to be times I need to come out of the game because I simply cannot do what I used to do!

So even though the devotion seemed to start about evaluating self, I am asking you this week to evaluate the team you have around you. I am blessed with teammates that want to help pick up my slack. I am blessed with teammates that are going above and beyond their normal roles on the team to cover my tail.

In Exodus 17 we find that as long as Moses holds up his rod the Israelites are winning the battle they are in; when he lets it down the Amalekites start winning. (Vs 11) But eventually Moses grows weary and struggles holding up his hands. So in comes Aaron and Hur to give Moses a rock to sit on and to support his arms so he didn’t let the staff down. (Vs 12) And then Israel goes on to win the battle.

Moses had teammates that offered him rest and support, which led to victory. Please make sure you are choosing your teammates wisely. Find and Aaron and a Hur. Be a part of a vibrant church body and small group. Be on mission with the team. And by all means accept rest and support when you need…

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