Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 - Football and John 3:16

Friday our school got to host a Dare to Dream rally with former football great Tim Worley (the "38 Special" of the Georgia Bulldogs/NFL.) Tim did a great job challenging our students concerning choices and consequences. He did a great job encouraging them to dream, to lead, and to be willing to take a stand even when others laugh or scoff at the dreams. One of the slides on the screen stated: "If you want to be an orchestra leader you have to be willing to turn your back on the crowd!" (or something close to that...)
As a coach I loved the players that would do what is right... take the lead... Even if I wasn't in the gym.
As a minister I love the "players" that are willing to share and take a stand for Christ even if there is potential ridicule or potential lack of acceptance... even if it means turning one's back on the crowd.
Tomorrow is "character day" at our school for "spirit week." I shared with my daughter Faith an old 80's song from Steve Taylor; it has a character named "Bannerman" that is the guy waiting to hold up the "John 3:16" sign at the football games. He has strategically put himself behind the goal post so the camera will zoom in on him every time a kick goes through the uprights. Taylor muses that he can't help but hope for a high score... So Faith is dressing up as "Bannerman"...
How ready are we to share John 3:16? Remember, as the song says, we "ain't gonna change the world, but (we) know who can!"

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