Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Individual and Team Responsibility

Often times I hear Christians claim that they are not prepared to Go MAD (Make A Difference) in life. They feel they lack in Bible knowledge/understanding. They feel unworthy due to previous mistakes. They feel inadequate, as if they don’t have as much to offer as others…

My daughter had her first soccer scrimmage today. She is in 5th grade and is playing for the first time; and due to us being at a K-12 school the athletics allow a 5th grader to play on the middle school team. This particular team not only has kids that are older than my daughter but I was also told that 7 of them play club soccer…

My daughter started feeling quite overwhelmed and nervous about the scrimmage. She recognized her lack of understanding of the game. (What in the world is “off-side”? Where does the “forward” play”? Etc.) She was thinking about the mistakes she had been making in the practices. She recognized that she was inadequate to provide the same thing the older and more experienced players provide… So we had to remind her that now she is part of the team and the expectation is that she get on the field when the coach calls her number; to compete hard and give what she’s got; to trust that her teammates are there for her.

During the scrimmage I loved watching my daughter compete for the ball! It thrilled me when I saw her teammates helping to direct where she went to teach her! (There was even one older boy on the opposing team that new she was learning and he told her when she was off-side.) It was a great picture of both individual responsibility and team responsibility. (Galatians 6:10 tells individuals to bear their own load; yet verse 2 had already told the team to bear one another’s burdens… the things the individual is unable to carry on his own.)

So what about you? Are you in the game? Are you doing your part? Maybe you aren’t the most gifted or experienced speaker… can you help hand out supplies/food/water to those in need? (I guarantee you that some of our MAD Squad can plug you in to some real game time of service!) Maybe you have read some of our posts for the financial needs for needs (i.e. Carolina’s medical needs) and chose not to give because you don’t have as much money as others do… well I can tell you that a $10 from a poor man is just as important as  $1000 from a rich man!

The Coach has called our number! Our performance in the game is not about how we measure up to others but instead are we going hard and giving what we can? And then are we picking up each other as teammates and helping learn the game better?

I’m here for you! You here for me? (What about for folks like Carolina? Over a week ago I posted of a great need in that 14 yr old girls life. We have had a handful donations and covered just over 20% of the need. Yet we have had a very small percentage of those that have seen the need respond… Get in the game folks! I love you enough to tell you as a teammate “where you need to be on the field”…)

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