Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016 - Change of Game Plan

As I have had so much extra time these past few months to watch football, it has continued to blow my mind how many guys are getting hurt. Every game these warriors suit up knowing there is going to be some pain… and great chance of seasons ending. It causes coaches to have to determine if they are going to sit certain players out for the remaining games to preserve them for the playoffs… and so on.

I guess it is doubly fresh on my mind due to watching a game tonight and then realizing I was watching Monday Night Football, oblivious to the day of the week; then as I prepared to go to bed I realized I had “fumbled” the ball… on the final “play” of year 15 of Monday devotions… so we will pretend we are on mountain time.

To be honest, holding myself upright is a chore at the moment… the fatigue I am experiencing is like nothing I can describe. It is making study and prep very difficult; and to be honest I would prefer to read praise… so a change of plan this week
Please respond via the emails, Facebook options, etc, with a special memory from 15 yrs online… or a special memory from over 20 years of outreach in camps, clinics, missions, services, etc

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